Street Auntie Aperitivo House

by GreatMeals
Street Auntie

Hello 👋🏽 friends!  Life is starting to get back to normal and we have started in door dining at restaurants again 👏🏽  Our first stop was at @streetauntie_apertivo to celebrate a special birthday 🎁🎂🥳. We were impressed with their attentive service, careful following of COVID protocols, and fun presentation of their dishes!  Here’s what was on their dinner tasting menu when we went:

  1. Oyster 🦪 Trio (iced tea, lychee, chili-soy)
  2. Smoked Fish 🐟 Croquette (green pea/lemon grass)
  3. Pork Tenderloin (komb, black vinegar radish, chinese miso)
  4. Beef & Gai-Lan (Canadian prime sirloin, gailan, king-oyster mushroom, black garlic sauce)
  5. Mapo Foie-Gras (foie-gras, pork belly, smoked tofu, szechuan chili sauce)
  6. Auntie’s Dessert Tray (pu-er tea jelly, bamboo forest, guardian lion)
  7. Added extra: Fortune Cookie 🥠 Cake

Our favourite was the Mapo Foi-Gras 💓

🌟The Cons🌟

  • There is no a-la-carte option for dinner. Everyone must have the same set meal.
  • You are required to pay for the meal when making reservations
  • No liquor license
  • On a “rougher” part of Granville Street

🌟The Pros🌟

  • Menu changes constantly so there is always something new to try
  • Attentive service from all the staff
  • All dishes were presented well and we loved their dishware (which is available for purchase)

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