The Keg Takeout

by GreatMeals
The Keg Takeout

Supporting 🙌🏼 the #restaurant industry this evening and grabbing #takeout for #dinner 🤗.

We ordered from The Keg today and here’s what’s on our dinner table:

1. 14oz Prime Rib 🥩: We love their prime rib 😋2. Twice baked Potato 🥔
3. Grilled Jumbo Shrimp🦐
4. Caesar Salad 🥗
5. Vegetable 🥕 Gnocchi Medley
6. Garlic 🧄 cheese 🧀 toast
7. Tuna 🐟 Tartare: our favorite appetizer 🌟
8. Billy Miner Pie 😋

We were very impressed with The Keg’s takeout quality and they even included instructions on how to warm up the food prior to eating! If you are ever in need of a fancy night in, we highly recommend trying this out! For two people, we spent less than $100 and it took us 2 meals to finish everything! 

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