Green Leaf Sushi

by GreatMeals
Green Leaf Sushi

We are ordering #takeout to support a local restaurant 🤗 tonight!  We went to @greenleafsushikits and picked up the green leaf signature aburi 🍣 combo, the OMG roll, and the house roll!  Our favorites were the salmon oshi, saba oshi, hotate oshi, and the OMG roll!  That roll is massive 🙆‍♀️

On The Table:

  1. Green Leaf Signature Aburi Combo
    Salmon oshi 6pc, basil ebi oshi 6pc, yukke tuna oshi 6pc, sime saba oshi 6pc, hotate oshi 6pc and aburi tobiko roll 8pc – we enjoyed the combo as it gives you a chance to sample many of the different aburi sushi

  2. OMG Roll
    Deep fried salmon, prawn tempura, crabmeat, avocado, spicy mayonnaise, and wasabi sauce.

  3. House Roll
    Salmon, toro, real crab meat, scallop, tobiko, cucumber. Seaweed outside style roll.

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